New Controversy Over Flossing Teeth!

Have you heard about the latest controversy over the suggestion that flossing our teeth is not particularly helpful in reducing cavities? The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has given the brushoff to some time-honored advice which is to floss your teeth daily.

Why the change in thinking? Apparently, it comes after a review of 25 studies published within the last decade. They revealed evidence for flossing is ‘weak, unreliable, very low quality and carries a moderate to large potential for bias,’ stated AP National Writer Jeff Donn.1 Of course, this information is contrary to what medical and dental experts have been saying for a very long time. The American Dental Association advocated flossing in 1908 and continues to this day.

The best we can go with is flossing decreases gingival inflammation. There is no evidence supporting it prevents destructive periodontal disease. Dr. Hujoel, professor of oral health sciences and adjunct professor of epidemiology at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, Seattle stated that sugar-laden diets and smoking contribute to poor oral health.

Oral diseases are caused by bacteria so anything that removes or disrupts this bacteria growth in the mouth and along the sides of the teeth makes sense. There is no evidence that it is destructive to floss and it does help with bleeding gums.

  1. Dietary Guidelines Omit Flossing, but Patients Shouldn't. . Aug 05, 2016.

Denise Messenger is an award-winning author, radio host and health coach.  Listen to her weekly on the popular show Health Media Now Radio



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