What Two Elements Are Important in Fighting Cancer?

I gave a speech at the Cancer Control Society Conference in Los Angeles a few years ago. It is important to revisit the two important elements I spoke about. If you utilize this step-by-step approach in fighting cancer, you could have a better outcome because you can relieve stress through being organized and then will feel more confident in your approach to dealing with the disease. The first element of importance is what I call being in the PINK. P stands for persistence and I for Intuition, N stands for networking and K stands for knowledge. A good example of persistence is for example, say you see a physician who you believe is key in treating your cancer. The physician decides for whatever reason, you are not a good candidate for a study or a treatment and you are turned down. If you truly believe from your research and by using your intuition that this physician is your ticket for a cure....stay persistent. Networking is important in finding the people you need to assist in overcoming cancer. It is a whole body disease and every aspect of your being needs attention. Knowledge is gained when you research and open up more options. The second element of importance is to sustain and nourish the human spirit. Any serious illness can be a frightening opponent. Getting support through reaching out to others helps to stay positive and is vital.

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Denise Messenger is an award-winning author, radio host and health coach.  Listen to her weekly on the popular show Health Media Now Radio





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