Cancer Patients Who Have Radical Remissions

It has been determined through a study conducted by Dr. Kelly Turner that most cancer patients who had radical remissions from cancer were those actively doing something to facilitate their dramatic turn-around. In a study of more than 1000 cases, patients used over 75 different healing factors to help heal their illness. This does not surprise me. I have always taken the position that the “mind, body, spirit” is involved in healing. Every cancer patient is different in their disease and staging when diagnosed. It is not uncommon for attitudes, beliefs and dedication to survival and support systems to vary. People need strong reasons for living. This can be achieved through positive emotions, spiritual connection and a village of people who support a patient. What I advocate is that patients take charge of their illness. Fear is always a game changer and a patient has to rise above it and decide that life is worth living. Be engaged with the medical system. It can be helpful to research into alternative methods of treatment. Relationships with family and friends are strong connections and can help with positive outcomes. In my personal experience, and talking with cancer survivors, the common theme is that everyone is grateful that it happened. As a survivor they transitioned into a completely different person. A better person! Isn’t there a saying, “What does not kill us makes us stronger”.

1. Radical Remissions: Cancer Patients Who Defy the Odds. Medscape. Jul 08, 2014.

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